Glimpse #5: Queraëlle GJ Red in honour of Mrs Gaëlle Van Merendonk (maiden name Pichon)

I’m going to a place where the love can thrive
I’m going to a place where the cancer dies
I’m going to a place where there is no shame
And I can feel no pain
Yeah, this is where I’ll stay
Cause I’ll be so much more than under oak trees”
Oak trees by Daniel Nunnelee

Daniel Nunnelee calls the song himself “my happy song about death”.

Today, lili would like to present lili’s new red complexes based on quercetin. Quercetin is found in oak trees (i.e. Quercus tentoria or quercus velutina or quercitron) and was imported to England by Bancroft around 1775 from America. The first documented extraction (Chevreul, 1829?) ¾according to L Rigaud in a temporary notice on the yellow colorant from the quercitron bark (in German) on 1853¾ was performed by boiling a yellow wood (quercitron?) with 10 parts of water for fifteen minutes. Then, yellow crystals (quercetrin?) were found after the extract was left standing for some days according to M. Chevreul. Mr Ragaud managed to mention the name Chevreul (without any further details) in the provisional and final publication on Quercetrin (in German) (L. Rigaud, 1854 ) one year later.

Lili wonder why Rigaud did downplay Chevreul’s work?…

Queraëlle GJ Red is named as a memorial to Gäelle van Merendonk, née Pichon, who was my first wonderful partner and the first who was asking for license agreements.

Queraëlle GJ Red, a beautiful red colorant according to lili’s patents

Please download the following file if you want to know more about Queraëlle GJ Red in my Glimpse #5


Glimpse # 4: on an amarillo compound from avobenzone

“¿Qué será lo que fabricas tú?”
Amarillo by Shakira

Today, lili would like to present lili’s new yellow complexes based on avobenzone.

Avobenzone or butyl methoxy dibenzoylmethane (see Fig 0) is a derivative of 1,3-diketone or β-diketone i.e., compounds which are like “the frame of glasses with antennas” such as lili told you in her post about avobenzone.[i] As a mentioned in that post, avobenzone can induce allergic reactions since avobenzone is absorbed into the body once is used and suffers from instability against solvents, light and more.

Avobenzone is predominantly used as solar filter in the UVA range (e.g. 320-380nm) and it is first chemical UVA filter that was approved by the FDA in 1988.

Metal complexes of β-diketones, e.g. avobenzone (Fig.0), are produced by the mechanochemical reaction of at least one β-diketone and/or at least one polyphenol with at least one metal alkoxide according to Liliana’s pending patents. Lili believes that these new polymeric complexes of avobenzone can overcome the safety issues of avobenzone in the USA regulation which is now under scrutiny with magnifying glasses. Since these new compounds based on avobenzone are bigger in the structure in comparison with the avobenzone alone and can be used as colored hydrophobic coating, probably, these novel compounds will not be able to enter to the blood stream and the risk of damage to humans and to the environment would be decreased.

Please just look at lili’s glimpse # 4 if you want to discover more about it.

Fig. 0: lili’s new avobenzone complex

[i] https://doctoralilianacosmetics.wordpress.com/2017/01/27/butyl-methoxy-dibenzoylmethaneavobenzona-acicalandose-con-el-malhechor/


Glimpse # 3 on making wine from the Polygonum tree


¡Un abrazo a todas!

Today, on the international women’s day, I would like to present some innovations around new complexes from resveratrol, a polyphenol commonly found in wine. The color of these metal complexes in a cosmetic formulation is similar to the red wine or coffee ?or whisky ? (Fig. 0)

“I made wine from the lilac tree
Put my heart in its recipe
It makes me see what I want to see
And be what I want to be ” by Nina Simone

Today I made wine not from the lilac tree but from the Polygonum tree….please download my glimpse # 3 to read more about some innovations around resveratrol.

Be always what you want to be as a woman!

Brindemos por ser mujeres!

I would like to bring a toast because we are women


Fig. 0: Novel formulation containing my new resveratrol complex which resembles the color of the wine.