Glimpse # 2: Alizcar GJ Violet – A violet alizarin complex

“Color is a beautiful thing. I know, I know” by Nina Simone

Today I would like to present one of my pigments based on alizarin and their derivatives such as alizarin red S.

I am delighted to show you my innovations around alizarin, the most important synthetic red colorant that was patented by Carl Graebe, Carl Liebermann and Heinrich Caro in Germany on 25 June 1869 and one day later by Sir William Henry Perkin[i] in England. Sir Perkin got a second patent in November of the same year for another process to produce alizarin. These colorants almost completely replaced the use of the natural red colorant from madder. You will see that the my novel  alizarin metal complex, Alizcar GJ Violet[ii] has a violet/purple color that resembles the color of the the mauveine (or Perkin’s mauve) colorant (Fig. 0), the first coal tar dyestuff which was serendipitously discovered by Sir Perkin in 1856. Perkin as a chemical engineer immediately thought about the scale-up processes for the manufacture and the application as a dyestuff. Although he was working in his lab as “all in one”, he got help of a handful of grandiose partners, Pullar-with his historic reply encouraging him with his discovery-; Keith-the first silk dyer to use it in on industrial scale-; his family-father as financial support and brother as a architect and business expert-and his best friend-a chemist and adviser- to begin his endeavor in the chemical industry.

to further read, just see My Glimpse # 2

Fig. 0: Gorgeous violet almost black color from my Alizcar GJ Violet colorant

[i] The history of the life and discovery of the Perkin’s dyes are well documented.

[ii] The Colour Index™ published online by Society of Dyers and Colourists and American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorist

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